Tuesday, 3 July 2007

UK Team shout out on the Etsy Labs blog!

Mary of Etsy Labs was kind enough to give our lovely street team a shout-out on their blog at the start of the month - you can read the full post here, or peruse these handy extracts:

"We just got the latest word from the UK Etsy street team updating us with all the exciting news that is going on with their team! They are not only binding together as team by utilizing the Etsy forums and other online sites like Blogger and Flickr to create design challenges, keep up with each other, organize swaps, and communicate...but they have just recently planned their very first meet up scheduled for this coming August!"

"You guys are such a wonderful example of how a team can bind together and make events and challenges happen by communicating not only in person, but over the web!"

Hurrah! :D

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