Thursday, 12 April 2007

Press Mentions and Blog Features

Lots of the UK Etsy sellers have been turning up in the press and on all sorts of blogs lately...

Gorjuss did an exhibition in Glasgow that was covered by the local press, and has a painting in the "Cats and Dogs" exhibition at the Angles Theatre, Wisbech Cambridge which runs until the end of April. She was also recently interviewed by FREEDOM magazine in Taiwan. Not in Engish, the interview is apparently very similar to one Gorjuss did a while back for Paradox Etherial. Gorjuss is also mentioned in Advanced Photoshop Magazine who this month are offering 'gorjuss brushes' on their cover CD.

Kezzaroo's mini Mr T. was featured on the MTV Style Blog, accompanying a Mr T. t-shirt as product of the day: "Complete with chains, big and bad attitude, but small enough to keep in your pocket!"

Gilfling collaborated with stilettoheights and made an art corset which Izabella's Blue described as "the most amazing corset I have seen in a long time!!"... the project was also blogged by stilettoheights

I myself (Lupin) was asked some questions about my "sunny and cheerful" design aesthetic by the lovely Angela of Ambient Design

The Independent Artists Group blog featured an interview with The Devil's Wallpaper about her life & work which left the interviewer convinced that "I'm interviewing a genius". Very much in the spirit of Etsy, The Devil's Wallpaper remarks: "If you buy a painting from me, it will make a big difference to my life. If you buy a print from Ikea, then who have you helped? Does anyone write you a handwritten thank you note?"

... and that is all the news for now!

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Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Brilliant blogging Lupin (^o^) Its so cool that UK Etsians are being featured so much. I especially enjoyed reading The Devil's Wallpaper's interview.