Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Moviestars Challenge Results

The entries for the "moviestars" design challenge were revealed on Sunday, and after many votes were cast the award for best item went to...

... memake for her Cary-er Bag featuring the lovely Cary Grant appliqued in denim
In 2nd place was reform's distressed collage of Virginia Grey
3rd place went to lupin for a selection of star pins - one set literally stars themselves, this set inspired by 13 yr olds who want to be "famous" when they grow up.
The other challenge entries were...

"You know my name" collage made and brilliantly staged by littlemissriver
"Brad's necklace" by honeybeedz who describes her design as "just the kind of thing that Brad would wear to declare his love for Angelina. Far more tasteful than a vial of her blood!!"
And (last but by no means least) "MM backstage" by askey who says "please don't report me to the copyright police!!"
The next challenge:
As mentioned in an earlier post, we've decided to switch to monthly challenges from now on as a new theme every fortnight is rather a lot of crafting to squeeze into our busy schedules... So, we'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks and then the challenge for May will be "Flowers", deadline Thursday May 31st, when entries will be posted to the flickr group by 2pm BST and voting will be conducted for 24 hours via the Etsy forums (voting is open to anyone on Etsy).
Then in June our theme will be "Fairy Tales", perfectly timed for Midsummer!

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Littlemissriver said...

This was a pretty good challenge, i really enjoyed it..now i have extra time to think about a piece for flowers, phew..x