Thursday, 22 March 2007

Red Nose Day Fundraising...

Every 2 years here in the UK we have "Red Nose Day" when we all go a bit mad to raise money for a great charity called Comic Relief whose vision is "a just world free from poverty". To raise money for this great cause lots of the UK Etsy sellers made special red items to sell in their shops, or donated all or part of the sales from some of their red items to the cause.

Gillyflower offered sparkling red bracelet & earring sets:

Kezzaroo did a roaring trade in Red Ninjas:
Seaurchin made ceramic red nose day beads:

And Reform made a RND slate:

Other sellers getting in on the charitable act: AmandaWilliamsDesign with a red sparkly shrug and felted handbag, WildcatDesigns with a red corsage, TinyIsland with red-nosed cheeky monkey cards, Alicub with clown cards, Kalicat offering a % of sales, Nonsuch with a red "doodle" corsage, Bebopgirl with 20% of cards & red jewellery sold, DichroicDazzle with 50% of several items being donated, TheDevilsWallpaper with faux Tibetan beads, Askey with retro circus-themed cards, KoolKookyKreatures with Dermot the Robot, and EclecticB with a whole selection of jewellery including this newly-listed bracelet:

The lovely Amanda of AmandaWilliamsDesign put lots of these lovely items into a treasury list on Etsy. The treasury is a great way for users to show off their favourite items... and it's also the way that Etsy Admin chooses items to put on the front page. Much to our great delight, Amanda's list got picked and our fundraising items were front page news for over 24 hours! We don't seem to have saved a screenshot of the treasury on the front page of Etsy, but here's a shot of it in the treasury section (taken by the lovely alicub):