Saturday, 24 March 2007

The Great Pants Challenge

Inspired by the general madness that is Comic Relief, and encouraged by the various quirky obsessions of the UK Chat thread in the Etsy forums... the Great UK Pants Challenge was born.

Any UK Etsy seller could enter, donating a 50p ($1) entry fee to Comic Relief. The challenge was simple: create a pair of pants/knickers/panties/underoos in any medium, the results to be posted by 1pm GMT on Friday 16th March 2007. Voting was open to all the peoples of Etsy via the forums, and the votes were to be totted up and the winners announced at 9pm that evening.
The list of entries was pretty huge! A strong desire to raise money for the cause? Or something deep rooted in the British psyche that makes us totally delighted by the word PANTS? Who knows?

The winners were...

1st Place: Bunny with a drawing of The Annual Pants Day Festivities in Knickerville:
2nd Place: Seaurchin with His 'n' Hers ceramic pants pins:

3rd Place: Kezzaroo with felt Mr T pants:

The other entrants were...

Alicub with a Plenty of Pants ACEO

AmandaWilliamsDesign with a knitted and bejewelled thong
Askey with The Pants of Etsy
TheDevilsWallpaper with a Pants Monkey Card featuring a paper doll monkey & his pants
Gillyflower with a Pretty Pink Pants Necklace
GreyGoat with a real pair of pants!
HoneyBeedz with mini beaded pants
KnitClicking with a Knitted thong & pair of Y-Fronts
KnitHappens with The Big One knitted pants
LittleMissRiver with Felt Sock-Monkey Pants
Lupin with a Lucky Pants ACEO and also some Pants Badges
MeMake with "Have You Felt My Pants?" pants
MemoryIsArt with a Vintage Stockings and Suspenders greeting card
Nonsuch with Knitted Johnny Pocket pants
Reform with Tin Knickers
WildCatDesigns with Knitted Frilly Knickers

Many of these items have been sold to raise further funds for Comic Relief, and some are still on sale. More photos are available at the UK Pants Challenge flickr group.


alabamawhirly said...

amazing job lupin, thanks for being so efficient, brillaint and making it interesting reading! xknit x

alison said...

Great work Lupin! I can't believe how good all our work looks together......
Alicub x