Friday, 5 September 2008

Challenge Results for August's Theme Magic !

The UK design challenge theme for the month of August was "MAGIC" :) The entries this month were as always of immensely high quality.

Here are the winners and you can check out all the entries here ---> [link].

THE WINNER - The Magicians Assistant by CorsetUs
"Silver silk velvet corset embossed with pointed stars, sequins, boning in the shape of magician's wands and is finished with tassels with tiny velvet top hats."

Second place - White Rabbit Magic Paperweight by pennydogaccessories
"Resin paper weight with top hat and white rabbits"

Third place - Mermaid Wand by Seaurchin
"porcelain wand with crystals at the tip, cords, silver plated wire, glass beads, agate, tigers eye, sterling silver beads and tiny shells"

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NIce entries