Sunday, 24 August 2008

Meet the team: part one of many!

Here we go with our very first (how exciting!) meet the team feature :)

This week, meet Christine Hembling, the fabulously talented chick behind

Christine is an almost-30 year old crafty bride-to-be, living in Sunny Suffolk with her fiancĂ© Ben and utterly adorable Yorkie, Toby. She fits her making of beautiful things in around a full time job as a project manager for an international company, and is also about to start the fifth and final year of a part-time degree – Busy Lady!

Over to Christine…

So, What do you make & where can we buy it?
I make screen printed (gocco) stationery and sell it here: and here:

How long have you been making things, & how did it all start?
I started making "stuff" at a young age but didn't do it for years until I took up card making a few years ago. Now I try a bit of everything but concentrate on the stationery mainly.

Set the scene for us - where do you do your making?
Well I have just got a lovely new craft room/study/spare room with a custom made desk (thank you lovely man).

How much of your time do you spend making beautiful things?
As much as possible but I have to fit in the degree, house stuff, fiancé and friends occasionally ;)

Is there a craft or technique that makes you think "oooh, I wish I could do that!"
Throwing a pot on a wheel. I tried it a few times and quickly went back to pinch pots!

What's been your proudest crafty achievment to date?
My very first sale. It was amazing to think that someone else actually wanted to buy something I'd made.
I think this may be overtaken by my current project though- the Fab Flower Collaboration, once I get the flowers all together it's going to be pretty spectacular (I hope).

What's your favourite item you currently have for sale?
This set:, I adore pink so I had to do a pink set of cards!

Describe your work in three words
Simple, colourful & fun

Pick three materials you couldn't live without
Card, my gocco and my rounded corner cutter!


Sensible stuff out of the way, Christine steps up to the challenge of the quick fire round – the real burning questions, LOL!

- Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? Johnny
- Last thing you spent money on? food from Tesco!
- Peanut Butter - Crunchy or Smooth? Smooth
- Last movie you saw? Juno
- Text messages or emails? email
- Tea or Coffee? coffee
- Dream holiday destination if money is no object? Australia

Lastly, Christine, is there any message you'd like to leave for our blog readers?
I've already mentioned this but I'd love it if everyone could contribute a flower to my Fab Flower Collaboration Project (link as above).


If you haven’t already, go click on the link to Christine’s project – it’s a fantastic idea, and I for one plan on sending a pretty flower of some sort to be included. (Adds to ever-increasing to-do list!!)

And while you’re at it, have a peek at Christine’s shop!
Her cards are absolutely beautiful, this set:
is definitely on my own wishlist – perfect for that note you’ve been meaning to send forever but keep forgetting… you know the one I mean! Yes, email is all well and good, but a note from a friend in the post is one of life’s simplest pleasures – and what better motivation to send one than to show off your beautiful new stationery!

Many thanks to Christine for her time, and of course her permission to use her beautiful images.

Look out for another interview with someone wonderful soon!


alabama whirly said...

I loved this and good to reacquaint myself with you Christine : )

Sakura said...

Awesome interview!!....a fascinating read (^o^). Look forward to the next one :)

Sakura ♥

Half an Acre said...

I'm a sucker for stationary! Lovely things! Must get on with those flowers for you too!