Monday, 18 August 2008

Hello New Street Team - The Spark!

I’m sure that when it first reared its head, our parents were thrilled.

That spark. The one that allowed us to take a pile of random materials or ideas and turn them into something new. These nascent sketches, collages, glueings and shiny bits of tin foil were hung proudly on the refrigerator door, spurring us on to what we could do NEXT time. How much better we could make them. How much neater. How much shinier.

As adults, the world can often get in the way of creative impulses. We rarely have time to just sit down and get an idea onto paper, onto fabric, onto metal. It’s not in our daily schedule. “8 am- Wake up the kids. 8.30 am- take a shower. 9 am- breakfast.” It isn’t often that we get to pencil in, “10 am- MAKE.”

The unique thing about the UK Street Team is that we ARE the people who manage to sweep a small, clear space in the cluttered kitchen floor of our lives to sit down and indulge in our imaginative impulses. To make that next idea better. Neater. Shinier. We are a colourful rag bag of creators, designers, artists and makers who have banded together to make the craft scene in the UK a little more visible. To let consumers know that yes, they DO have a choice when it comes to the things they buy. To support each other in our efforts. And, just occasionally talk about cake.

Some of us craft for a livelihood. Others do it as a hobby. But we’re all governed by the same impulse for innovation. An impulse that’s lead us to revamp our team and start afresh in order to more efficiently share our unique gifts with each other and the public at large. We all want to donate our time and efforts into spreading the gospel of the UK craft scene, chapter and verse.

In the coming months, watch for interviews, competitions, show dates and goodies from our happy little collective. We’ll be hanging our wares on the giant refrigerator door of cyberspace.

We hope you like what you’ll see and come back often.

by Myaphrodite


BlueMarmalade said...

ooh - can't think of teh right word - but this makes me want to go and craft right now. I've got 150 slices of lime to make - anyone want to help?

Kooky said...

brilliant stuff!!

alabama whirly said...

I love this post