Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Ninja Challenge Results

The entries for the Ninja Challenge are in, and the winners have been declared!

The grand winner and newly-crowned Ninja Queen was Kezzaroo with a cuddly plush bedtime ninja.

Kezzaroo explains: "Having worked closely with the ninja for many years i have decided to show you what the ninja looks like at bedtime. Wearing his pink pyjama onesie *with feet attached of course* How does he get into such a snug ensemble i hear you ask? Just a regular bum flap..."

In joint 2nd place were Lilley with a trio of polymer clay ninjas...

... and memake with a ninja purse designed so "you know your money is protected"

3rd place went to askey for this ninja greetings card (image shows card opened flat - folds at central line)

The other great challenge entries were:

Ninja Ted by Wildcat Designs. "During the day, he's Tartan Ted. But at night...he becomes NINJA TED!!!"

Ninja Baby, Ninja Kitty & Ninja Bunny Brooches by Lupin.

Cloud Ninja by Little Miss River - "The only problem with being a cloud ninja, is that unless its night're still pretty visible"

Kooky Boutique's earring & necklace combo "for the the nin-jette about town".

Ninja Cuff Bracelet by Honeybeedz

Goldyone's Ninja, pictured "hiding under the cliff looking for a fight".

'Rubbish Ninja' by The Devil's Wallpaper. "He is only a yellow belt and he wears it on his head and he wears his stars as acessories so he got kicked in the eye"

Ninja Dog by Bunny who says "this isn't really a 'proper' entry. I just didn't want to be left out!"

Ninja bib by Blue Marmalade

And last but not least: Wizard of Oz Ninjas by Alicub. "Not all ninjas are 24-7 killing machines you know! Some like nothing more than hiring costumes from the local shop, dressing up and signing along to their favourite musicals....."

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